Computer Applications (10004)

Course Description:

Students will understand and demonstrate the ability to complete word documents, excel documents, and PowerPoint presentations.  Students will also understand and demonstrate the internet, safety issues and applications relating to internet usage.  They will use this knowledge for either post-secondary education or personal success in the workplace.

Topics Covered:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet safety and Applications/Review of 7th Computers, Web Page Design, Scratch 2, Sketchup Designer, Email and functions

Prerequisites:  None

Length:  9 Weeks

Grade Level:  7th Grade/8th Grade

Instructional Philosophy:

Students will be expected to complete all assignments with high quality effort.  Discussion and examples of all material will be completed before assignments are given.  Some classroom problems will be completed together, with the majority of work completed on their own.  Timelines will be given on when work is to be completed.  Assessment will be problems and tests over every unit with a semester test at the end of the semester.  This is a semester class. 

Course Standards:


Major Assignments:

7th Grade

1.  Word Documents (Letters, Memos, Letters w/charts)

2.  Excel Documents (Stock reports, statistics page(formulas))

3.  PowerPoint Presentation (25 slide presentation)

4.  Internet (Safety Policies, Applications)

5.  Timed Writings (Weekly-Speed and accuracy)

8th Grade

1.  Stocks

2.  Sketchup Designer

3.  Timed Writings (Weekly-Speed and Accuracy)

4.  Web Page Creation

5.  Scratch 2

Instructional Delivery Plan:

Delivery Method:  Instruction will consist of lecture, discussion, reading, problem solving, and typing,    Examples done together in class.

Student Work:  Students will work independently on tests, quizzes, and performance tasks.  Student can work independently or in teams on projects.

Community Involvement:  Projects will sometimes reflect community events for promotional purposes. (7th Grade)

Grading Scale:

A 100-94 Excellent Work, all assignments completed and shows understanding of work
B 93-86 Good Work, all assignments completed and shows understanding of work
C 85-78 Decent work, missing a few assignments and shows understanding of most work, missing effort
D 77-70 Borderline Work, missing assignments and late assignments, basic understanding of most work, lack of effort
F 69 and below Minimal Effort, many missing assignments, understanding is below basic, does not meet expectations.

Grading Distribution:

Students will be graded based on total points.  Distribution will be as followed (approximate):

Tests & Quizzes 10%
Classroom Projects 80%
Stock Reports/Timed Writings 10%