Iowa State Basketball

About Mike King:

Final Coaching Record 253-196

Experience: Waubay 5 years (4-16,8-12,14-8,11-10,15-6) Irene 4 years (15-7,16-6,7-13,11-10), 10 years Irene-Wakonda (21-5 (16-2-Took over 8 games in), 5-16, 8-13, 11-12, 14-7,10-10,9-12,16-6, 21-5, 15-8, 14-8,13-9))

District Champions: 1999, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017

Region Champions:  2008, 2016

State Tourney: 2008 (4th place), 2016 (2nd place)

Played Basketball at Mount Marty College 1991-1992 & 1992-1993.

Philosophy:  To create an atmosphere of team concept, starting with effort and attitude.  Belief in us as coaches will lead to success on the court.  Teach the fundamentals of basketball and skills of team building.  Translate those skills to their everyday life and working with people to accomplish a common goal.  An attitude of appreciation for what they have and what they have accomplished and their effort in relation to personal success.

Winning is more fun than losing.  But I also want them to have the most positive experience possible.  We want everyone to be respectful and hard working and know nothing will come easy.  There is some give and take from all involved.  Parents, coaches, and players.   We need to just try and see the big picture, getting to the state tournament.   Support the players as if they were all your own.  Root for all of them.  Root for the coaches to lead the team.  Criticism leads to destruction.  We want to keep everything positive and work towards our goal.  Team comes before self.   Players are developed through hard work in the off season.  Attitude and effort outside of the season makes basketball players.

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